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The Man who fell to Earth...

This is a song I've been working on. Well, lyrics... not finished at all.

Need to complete first verse (beginning is 2nd)

In this endless Human sea
Corruption crept on me
And making not a sound
So little there that used to be
What good is purity
When it's so quickly drowned?

(bridge supposed to go here)


Death and rebirth
I am the man who fell to Earth
I came to save the Universe
To do it on my own
What was it worth?
I am the man who fell to Earth
I lost the plot, fell in the dirt
I'm never going home

Behold the modern fairytale
Hope is a shadow
The hero's going to fail...
The crooked cross, the final nail
The symbol's nothing
For they've never found the grail...

It;s slow, about the same speed as 'For I am the Way'.
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