Nameless One (kain_larsen) wrote in touchedwithfire,
Nameless One

I guess an introduction is in order.

I'm never entirely sure how to begin these... nevertheless...

I found my way here whilst searching for communities on Van Gogh. What I have seen so far intrigues me greatly, and I feel that I'd have no regret joining. I know insufficient to say whether I am manic-depressive or bipolar, and something inside says I am not, however, I do know that I suffer depression, and that I am possessed of Asperger's Syndrome, though not to a visible degree. I have moments of charged, unstoppable light and colour, though these inevitably give way to stagnant mires. I will feel grey, and that in itself frightens me, every time.

I am an artist and a poet, though not a great one, and a musician, though I know less than I should. I hope this will change soon, but I can't do it where I am. Familiarity breeds contempt, and Coventry is too familiar now. When you see destinations but no paths, you can't help but go a little mad.

I hope I am welcome on this community.
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