diabetiyeti (diabetiyeti) wrote in touchedwithfire,

A fountain of fire...

Write I must with heart and head,
Another shares my soul,
No, I cannot prove it,
And sometimes He takes control,
Asked what is the mixture,
I honestly don't know,
Divide the head from neck,
A myth from that did grow,
While driving in a car,
Which is which you think,
Guiding really are,
Between the two a link,
Riding on a horse,
The two of you a team,
A special symbiosis,
Plant fed by sunlights' beam,
Seen have you the wind?,
Or only what it blows,
Plant we all a seed,
See a flower grows,
If the crops are good,
If the house is warm,
If your kindred kind,
Accept you please abnorm...
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