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"Suicide is selfish." Is cancer selfish?

I saw a few days ago that someone had made an entry exclaiming that "suicide is selfish." Today I went through the group trying to find that post but was unable to. Perhaps it was deleted.

Any way, the assumption that "suicide is selfish" is based entirely on ignorance. While there are many different causes for suicide (accidental -such as a drug overdose - or from pediatric depression - such as sadness from your girlfriend breaking up with you) the main cause addressed in this group is because of bipolar/manic depressive disorder. Manic depression is just as biological a disease as cancer. Unfortunately one of the symptoms is suicidal tendencies. But for a manic depressive patient, this symptom is as uncontrollable as the effects of cancer. When a manic depressive patient ends his or her own life it should be seen in the same sense as a cancer patient whose disease overcame them.

When someone starts to feel suicidal tendencies it's extremely important that he or she seek attention from a medical center, teacher, counselor, close friend - anyone that might be able to help - just as if you were to discover a cancerous lump.

When you hear a friend say that he or she is feeling suicidal, it's extremely important to address the situation seriously, no matter how questionable. Many lives have been unfortunately ended under the assumption that "Oh, she's just trying to get attention. Selfish bitch."
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